FEATURE: Background/overlay approval prioritizing

An idea I have on how to help with the wait times for backgrounds and overlays that may marginally help sort it out more than just ‘first come first serve’.

What about an option to click a ‘button’ with a wait time counter of approximately 3-4 days (so people can’t spam it) that says:

My chapter is ready!

This button would bump people above the standard overlay/background approval pool as it means they are basically just waiting for approvals to publish. The 3-4 day cushion should be short enough for anyone who is really fast at updating, and long enough that people can’t spam the ‘button’. Also, there could be a warning that each time the button is pressed it moves you to the bottom of the queue, so repeatedly pressing it impatiently if your stuff is not approved would not be wise. **Alternately, perhaps have the button only reset after Episode views and sends approval emails. That would also prevent people from spamming.

Approvals would not really change much overall, because if Episode made it to the bottom of the ‘I’m ready’ list, they could start approving the others as first-come-first-serve as they have been.

ETA- Other ideas for checking against abusing the feature- have it also block any uploads for a few days so that people can’t click it and keep uploading as a way to abuse the feature.
*A check system of sorts that if someone does not actually publish a chapter in between ‘button’ clicks the lead time lengthens between presses (3 days, then a week, then 2 weeks… etc.)

So approvals would go:

  1. List of people who are ready and waiting to publish, in order of when they pressed the ‘button’. (‘Upload’ grayed out for either 4 day wait or until Episode approves the batch. ‘Priority button’ grayed out for the 4 day wait regardless.)
  2. Everything else as it was. Updating any stories that do not require custom art wouldn’t be affected at all.

Feel free to expand on the idea below if anyone has thoughts!


This suggestion seems similar to this: FEATURE: Mark uploaded backgrounds (urgent, normal, private)

@Sydney_H please check, I’m not sure. :see_no_evil:

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Similar but different- perhaps merge? :smiley: Depends on how much they consider ‘different enough idea’. ETA- I did view the other one and I see a downside to that version- what if someone ends up finishing before Episode makes it to the list of others? It would need to have a way to adjust the markers per background. :thinking:

Anyway, I guess we will see what a mod thinks :slight_smile:

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Hello @CoraMae, thanks for tagging me in this. :wink:

As it stands currently, I think it’s safe to leave these two topics as separate, although they’ll probably be merged in the future. :smiley:


Thanks for the quick response. :slight_smile:

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I would love this,as I have a cover for my story and are in for an epy award but can not if no cover but because of delays in approval they have kindly allowed me to stay in a long as I upload asap