FEATURE: Backgrounds creator


It would be awesome to have backgrounds creators in the Writers portal.

There should be rooms (with different wallpapers), furniture and other stuff.

In backgrounds creator we should have the ability to move furniture to different spots and make the background we like.

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Cora this is a super cool idea, It might be hard to add for the episode team, but I definetly think they should add this (And maybe to add on to your thing) Different colors of the same type of furniture.


I support this!


Great idea, :grin: I support this. :+1:t3:


Geat idea


Yes support 100%


I think this would be really cool when you just want quickbackground a for scene and don’t feel like making one or requesting for one. If there is a way to make this happen, though, I think it should have its own little section at the top of the page, (like how the backgrounds page is arranged) unless that was what you were talking about, if so ignore this so I won’t feel embarrassed. :sweat_smile:


i can make you a custimized background if you want to???:grinning::grinning::grinning:


This is cool and I dont have to find backgrounds hard on google

(1 month later…) x.x


By the time I read background creator your already supported


That would be so awesome, great idea! :smile:


SUPPORT :purple_heart:
This would be seriously awesome and what if we could change the colors, oh man, fun !


This would be awesome! We wouldn’t have to worry about the image size or waiting forever for it to be approved!


How is this is NOT a feature part of the Writer’s Portal yet? :sunglasses::revolving_hearts:
It is too awesome <3


I love this idea! So basically designing a room?! Episode definitely should add this!:clap::smiley: :heart:


Bumping this :smile::fries::heavy_heart_exclamation:


SUPPORT! Whenever I use episode it’s always the same backgrounds, I feel. This would be a brilliant way to change it up!’

Great idea!


I SUPPORT THIS CHOICE!!!I think that will make creating the stories more interesting and eye captivating.:interrobang::eyes::eyes: