FEATURE : Bad words for mobile


I would really enjoy if episode allowed using bad words in Mobile creation without censoring them. My character is supposed to be bad and I want them to say bad words so they can express their selves. You can also add the background that warns you of bad language and 13+ scenes for mobile creation. Thank you for reading.


I’m pretty sure you can use bad words but you have to censor them.


I meant without censoring like how some writers on PC don’t censor it.


You have to write on PC if you want to add some swearing and bad words into your story because mobile creator won’t let you do it.


I write on PC, but checked out mobile for fun and they do censor those words.
I don’t think that’s fair-if they aren’t censored when we write on writer’s portal using google chrome then they should not be censored on mobile, either.
Fairness and equality in writing for both!!!


Yeah, it’s pretty dumb. If you copy and paste a script or a curse word into a speechbubble does it still stop you?




I don’t get why mobile stories can’t be 18+ while portal stories can, I get that mobile is much more new that portal and that it might not have as many things, but why remove swearing?


Both stories on the Writer’s Portal and Mobile need to be 13+ though sometimes stories do end up having a more mature theme to them, which can be 18+, and authors give a warning, and sometimes these stories end up getting reported for breaking guidelines-In my Bed is one of those stories that broke guidelines and was made by Episode which was why so many people were frustrated over it-they can break guidelines, but we can’t?
Hmm…some new rules & updates need to take place, like this one. I mean, if bad words are allowed on the Portal, they should be allowed on Mobile, too. Can’t have it one way, we need it both ways.

Anyways…support : )