FEATURE: Baldness


How do I suggest that they add the option to make a character bald?


You can send an email to them


you can already do that! When you are customizing a character, theres an option to not have hair.


Yes, but we cannot change a character to be bald.

The code to change hairstyles is:
@CHARACTER change hair into Ponytail Locks
@CHARACTER previews hair Ponytail Locks.

When I tried doing “@INKCHARACTER changes hair into Bald” it came up as an error - the "There is no hair available called, “Bald.”

So, I figured if I make a character bald and then use “@INKCHARACTER previews hair Ponytail,” I may be able to have a bald option.

However, it didn’t work. The hair wouldn’t remove itself after I coded “@INKCHARACTER unpreviews hair Ponytail Locks.” It stayed on. Any other time, the hair would usually revert to it’s original style.

You may be able to create a bald character, but the bald hairstyle in the system does not exist unless you create a character to remain bald throughout the story. You cannot change it no matter the codes we use. That sucks.



Oohh ok I didn’t understand.