FEATURE: Baldness


How do I suggest that they add the option to make a character bald?


You can send an email to them


you can already do that! When you are customizing a character, theres an option to not have hair.


Yes, but we cannot change a character to be bald.

The code to change hairstyles is:
@CHARACTER change hair into Ponytail Locks
@CHARACTER previews hair Ponytail Locks.

When I tried doing “@INKCHARACTER changes hair into Bald” it came up as an error - the "There is no hair available called, “Bald.”

So, I figured if I make a character bald and then use “@INKCHARACTER previews hair Ponytail,” I may be able to have a bald option.

However, it didn’t work. The hair wouldn’t remove itself after I coded “@INKCHARACTER unpreviews hair Ponytail Locks.” It stayed on. Any other time, the hair would usually revert to it’s original style.

You may be able to create a bald character, but the bald hairstyle in the system does not exist unless you create a character to remain bald throughout the story. You cannot change it no matter the codes we use. That sucks.



Oohh ok I didn’t understand.



Support. I would love to be able to change a character back to bald. This would be amazing for characters who wear hijabs, as currently we need to create two separate characters for when they’re wearing it and when they aren’t.


For hijabs you could use a short hairstyle when they’re wearing it.

But yeah I support!


Unfortunately, you can still see all the short hairstyles through the hijabs :frowning:




That’s a good idea! You have my support!



Even if you code it in, @CHAR changes hair into Bald

It just doesn’t work shrugs Sad T.T