FEATURE: Being able to change the layers of clothing for outfits


Occasionally, I want to put a specific pair of boots with some trousers/pants or have a character wear one tshirt over another. The problem is that it’s very hit and miss at the moment. If the boots are naturally underneath the trousers/pants when you put them on, there’s nothing you can do to change that! I’d love a feature which would allow us to change the layers of these clothing choices so that we could make even better outfits!


I support this :+1: Layering clothes is part of the fun of creating outfits and it’s so disappointing when you can’t do this with some. Clothes (esp for guys) is limited (I know there’s technically quite a few, but on the whole, without being able to layer, it can get boring seeing the same stuff over and over in stories). I’m an INK user and reader too and I get that they’re going to stop releasing new assets at some stage, but giving more layering options will add a whole new level and interest.


Yes! Layering clothes let’s you get creative and make more out of what you have. It would so much fun to have a bit more freedom with layering.



Great suggestion! Please show your support for it in it’s original thread. Thanks!