FEATURE: Being able to edit our own older threads (COMPLETE)


I just noticed we can’t edit our older posts (I’m not sure how long we have to edit them). Apparently we have to earn certain trust level to edit them. I’m pretty sure I should be a regular by now (trust levels issue are being taken care of at the moment) but despite that we should be able to edit our own posts or delete them. A typo or something else you would like to add… and you can’t do it.

Please support this! :purple_heart:

Edit: You have to earn trust level 4 (leader) to be able to edit your posts


I’ve been needing to edit a couple of my threads because of certain things changing (like the Hairbrush prop now being 2 words: Hair Brush) and to revise and clean up guides and what not. I really don’t want to have to PM @Jeremy or another mod just so I can fix something. So I fully support this.


Same! I’ve needed to edit my guides because things like walking to a spot can include zones as of recent. I’ve got people asking for certain help and I don’t feel like repeating my whole guide with the slight alteration though alteration is important. I feel like it’s our thread and even a person at a basic trust level should be able to edit them long after they’ve been created.


What is trust level?


Does anyone know how many days it is before you can’t edit?


Not sure.


Yes, I agree. It would be very helpful if this was implemented. All it would take, if I’m not wrong, would be to enable post edit time limit and set it to 0 as the link states above.

Edit: Also, according to the same link, the default time limit before being unable to edit a post is 2 months.





Sorry but this is the 100% accurate answer. There really is no way to get around the fact that you need to reach a certain user level in order for it to work.


But we can’t reach higher trust level because you blocked it…


False accusations are not fun for anyone :wink:


Jeremy, I asked about trust levels a while time ago, you said they’re being taken care of and that you let us know when you finally sort this out. I’m not accusing anyone… :persevere: Is this mean we can earn higher trust levels now?


I never provided an update…so that mean’s it’s still being worked on. And you kinda did say

As with anything in life, thing’s take time. Thanks again for being patient with the team.


We are here to help with the forums, the community, the users and make sure that everyone is having the most enjoyable experience that they can. Nothing that is done is with the intention of making thing’s worse for the community, users or the forums itself. If there is a feature that you feel is not working correctly…chances are you are correct and it isn’t…and the team is working to make sure everything is functional, enjoyable, up to par and working correctly. I am sorry for any misunderstandings regarding this and if anyone has any questions regarding this please feel free to PM me. Thanks a bunch! :peace_symbol:


I’m patient, and I said that not to accuse you… I don’t know how exactly discourse works but if we can’t earn more trust levels that’s mean it’s somehow blocked and I understand you’re working on things, but let’s back to the subject, this post has been created for a support to be able to edit our own posts without needing to earn a certain trust level.


@Apes @Rune.episode @Dara.Amarie can you please try editing a post/topic that you 100% know you couldn’t before and let me know what happens?



Thank you! :smiley: will that option stay for good?


The pencil image is there now and I edited a small typo and it’s working!


Always happy to help. Special thanks to @Jesse for the assist! Ideally we would like to keep it like this. But will make any required adjustments as needed for moderation purposes. So as long as we don’t receive any reasons to change it (forum violations, flags regarding editing post’s, forum updates that require it being changed, etc) you should be all good. I really hope this helps everyone and am really happy to see this positive change. :smiley: