FEATURE: Being able to place arms, hands, legs, feet at certain layers


Like for example when we have
@CHARACTER1 moves to layer #
the entire character can more to that layer but if we have something like
@CHARACTER1 starts hug
@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 1
@CHARACTER2 starts hug_rear
@CHARACTER2 moves to layer 2
@CHARACTER1 armLeft moves to layer 3
@CHARACTER2 armRight moves to layer 4

something like this? Like I think this would be really cool for actions like dancing, hugging, hand holding, kissing, selfies ect.

please like/comment to support!

Overlay: Skin Toned Arms

support :smiley:


Support! I don’t want to use overlays ALL the time!!!


Fully support this!

Feature + Art Suggestions + Animations Index!



Thank you. I needed that for my story Emerald City


also a @CHARACTER layer reset to layer x
would be cool too
so like
@YOU layer reset to layer 3
so if you have them walk around their parts aren’t like all scattery and what not


I agree! And then you can also use overlays a props (like a guitar)


I support!


This would be really amazing


Support 10000000000000000000 %


SUPPORT SO MUCH! It’s annoying when you have to use overlays.


It would be so much easier support! :wink:


Full support!


le bump de bump


That would be really cool :yellow_heart:


Support :slight_smile:


Bump : )


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