FEATURE: Being able to replace already approved overlays

After a time we get better with editing or we find friends who are amazing at it, and we would like to improve some long time ago uploaded and approved overlays, which look a bit weird and strangely cut off or with not enough cleared background.

My suggestion is recognition! When we upload an overlay and we want to save it with the same name as some older one, we get a question if we’re sure we want to replace it.

But there can be another question- all current one turned around.
Do you want to replace it?

  • Yes, with different version.
  • Yes, with improved version.
  • No, keep the old one.

If selected: Yes, with different version, that would mean we would again wait for approval.

But if selected: Yes, with improved version - that would mean that we’re replacing the existing one and it’s supposed to look more quality and THE SISTEM SHOULD RECOGNIZE similarity and approve it immediately.

Like if you agree. :heart:


They would still have to approve it even if you add a small change. Because what if you add something that violates their guidelines, like a naked person or something. Idk if I’m understanding this or not, but are you asking for a way to add on changes without having to get it approved again?

Ok stupid enough to believe the recognition algorithms already exist nowadays :joy: