Feature: Blocking people on forums

I was recently attacked in a thread addressing racism by a group of racist trolls that also private messaged me with racial slurs. unfortunately, muting isn’t good enough and there should be an option to block users from accessing our posts and content as well as being able to reply to us.


Features to support:



thank you

did you report them?

Omg so they actually continued to attack you in private that’s really crazy :roll_eyes:

yep nothing happened except thread closed

But isn’t there an option to ignore users already? :sweat_smile:
If you add someone to your ignored users in the user settings of your profile, you won’t see their posts or receive any notifications from them :sweat_smile::blush:

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i still receive their private messages

There’s an option to turn PM’s off :blush:

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Duplicate topic closed. Please refer to the links posted by @JemU776 to show support for these requests :slight_smile: