FEATURE: British English

I think that Episode should give you a choice in regards to if you write/speak British English or American English. This will help reduce the amount of spelling errors on scripts.

I’m British and I personally think it’d be a very useful feature…

Unless, it’s somewhat impossible on their part? I don’t know… :joy:

Just an idea… What do you guys think?

By the way, sorry if I’ve formatted this incorrectly, this is my first feature suggestion on the forum.

Thanks in advance x


agree. also I been told a few times by readers i spell something. when it was British. which is the English i learn in school(i am not a native English speaker)


My baby brother has a habit of pointing out all my spelling errors, as a joke, The reason why I thought of this idea actually. :smile:

I agree this would be great, it’s really annoying when the script keeps telling me I’ve spelt something wrong but when I actually have it seems to overlook it. :thinking:


i agree, those errors are so annyoing even though I know there correct… :upside_down_face:

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Yes omg!!!
The portal has made me type ‘mum’ as ‘mom’ so much that I do it irl now too :joy:


I completely agree, I have over 20 “spelling mistakes” in my script because of this


I like it, bump even tho I’m American.




I would actually love this.

I know it’s an American app and it’s unlikely they will implement this, but I hate having to change the way I spell certain things so I don’t get spelling errors :sob:


That’s unfortunate, I really think letting us choose between British and American English should be taken into consideration by Episode HQ.

Loads of other websites have this feature! x

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It definitely should be taken into consideration, I’m more of a pessimist than an optimist so I don’t believe it will ever be implemented.
But even if they just added other versions of words to their software so that they don’t show up as spelling errors.

I noticed ‘Colour’ isn’t an error which is nice, I assumed it would be as the American spelling is ‘Color’.

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Haha. Keeping my fingers crossed… I’m on the fence about it at the moment so I’m neither pessimistic nor optimistic.
I guess it wouldn’t be the be all and end all if they didn’t apply it to the portal.
Thanks for your response and support of this feature though, by the way! x

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Yes! Agreed!

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Support :nerd_face:

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Bump :face_with_monocle:

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Agree agree agree

It’s so annoying seeing the spelling error marks but that won’t stop me from spelling favor as favour or mom as mum etc etc


Or favourite, or colour, or honour, or armour.


Support & Bump

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Being fluent in chavien I too would like to support this because I can’t add roadmenz to my story without every second word being a spelling mistake.

In Chavien:
Innit bruvv, yeh.

Isn’t it poetic…?