FEATURE: Brown hair colours for ink

I really love episode Ink more than limelight, but its really frustrating when we have customization in ink stories, where we don’t have many hair colors! I personally think there is too many red hair. I want the episode to make new colours like “dark brown” or just “brown” like limelight! The chestnut and cayenne is too reddish, and its really disappointing for brown hairs. Do U agree, ppl?


??? where is the relevance ^ OP is talking about how out of all the available hair colors there isn’t a real true brown. I absolutely agree. The ones there are very read with the exception of Fawn but Fawn is very light.


Well, I’ve no idea… You can use Jules hair!

Yeah and that’s the only one and it only manipulates whatever hair color you choose to a brown. This user is talking about actually having browns to use for any hairstyle.

Well, I think I should talk to them about it on Instagram.


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