FEATURE: Bunny Ears Accessory Limelight



I thought it would be cute to add some bunny ears headband/accessory (any color) for girls! [LIMELIGHT]

The Support Thread
On a scale from 1-10 how good are the new Episode stories?



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Support completely


They definitely need more updos for girls and textured hair as well.
But I think males need more stuff then females, I find them the hardest to make look different from one another :laughing:


Agreed, its hard to think of anything to suit a male well in Episode Limelight.


YAS! This is gonna make it super aesthetic! I wanna make a aesthetic story! Or cover, I agree so well honey :heart:


Aesthetic clothing is honestly so cute and it adds on a lot of fashion.
I hope they add at least half the things i recommended including aesthetic hairstyles, and clothing


Yeah, I’ve got a pajamas thread. I don’t think they’ll be able to add mine until Limelight details are done. But yeah, I’d really like aesthetic stuff… so then I can make some cute covers, edits, and stuff.


Oh my fucking god, I just thought of like cute rabbit slippers
For sleepwear.
Like animal style pajamas/slippers :open_mouth:


I support!!


Yas! oof what about unicorn suits: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1974/2909/products/unicorn-2_300x300.jpg?v=1515650087

It would be soooo cute!

-EDIT: ok new link <3-


I just added em to the post! :smiley:


But them monster slippers, and bunny slippers got me blushing, it’s really cute lmao


Oooof they’re all so cute.


Oh and props!

  1. Suitcase
  2. Bunny plush
  3. Remote
  4. Baby with out blanket thing
  6. Books/Manga/Comic Books
  7. Gummys, animals, etc.


They do have glasses. LOL


I’ll add the rest to the post.


Like, we only have donuts and stuff… and we need the brush and lipstick. We need snacks… like chips etc.