FEATURE: Buy passes with gems

Does anyone have like five million extra gems lying around? I do. This would be a helpful way to get passes for free, and use your gems if you don’t like featured stories.
(please like so this can get noticed)


omg yes


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I totally agree.

i’d definitely do that!! it gives readers who have a lot of gems the chance to catch up on their stories more efficiently

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It sounds cool :slight_smile:

ah yes i definitely support



But would suggest it be part of a wider system

1 gem = 5 passes
1 pass = 3 gems

This above is only a suggestion and would be up to Episode to manage and tweak the conversion ratio into a workable system.

Since I only read stories using the subscription $9.99, that has no ads & unlimited passes.

I have hidden, is 36 passes which are not visible when my subscription is active.

Using the suggested system above, I could convert the 36 passes to gems.



Bump! :laughing: