Feature: can use bought diamond outfits in stories

okay i know this idea is a bit stupid(or maybe not) and very unlikely. but i seen people suggest more unlikely stuff so why not.

stories got this exclusive outfit that you can only have if you buy them for diamonds and are not avaible to. and the outfit is barely in a scene. you people knows how it works

so what if we could. if you bought a diamond outft you where able to use it for your own story. like it would make many people want to buy the outfit

your own words

any outfit there has been used in a gem choice has to be restricted.

well I did pay for it so how about let me use it. you got the money for the outfit. and with most of them, I cant buy them twice anyway so

it would sell many more of the diamond choice. and would make people happy cause know they can use them

or episode could just stop playing around and release the hidden ink outfits and make us happy


Already suggested FEATURE: Reusable/Accessible Closet :smiley: