Feature: Censor option for episode readers

For rather obvious reasons… Many stories are ruined by their inappropriate language. Not to mention that many episode players are 13 year olds, and many teens and adults probably don’t want to see that as well.


So true! I mean I hear it a lot and read it a lot and it gets rather annoying. I’m thirteen and my parents say them but I’m just like, just stop. Cursing is dumb in my opinion.
Although I cuss sometimes I GET SO MAD AT MYSELFFFF


One of Joseph Evans stories gave readers the option to censor. I thought it was neat.


You mean that you don’t want to see characters naked?

Personally I don’t think swearing is bad at all, freedom of speech and all that. But there should be a setting in the app that you can switch on so that all the swear words in a story are redacted.


Yeah when the character swears in every sentence it’s annoying, but I honestly don’t mind when they swear occasionally


The language used in stories is very important and it’s not allowed to curse much, it’s against guidelines. Some ugly words are ok, but not too many.
So Episode already solved this problem long time ago.
Anyway, Episode is not for kids under 13 :woman_shrugging:t4:

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While it’s not as bad as it was, I’d say, there’s users who would prefer not to read any of it at all. Not only teenagers, but adults as well, I’m sure.
And for many swears, there’s an easy alternative.
I’m almost 14 years old, and I don’t like swears. Neither does many of my family members. It doesn’t really have too much to do with being young.


Honestly curse words are apart of the language and to enable swears, although to some it may be annoying, to myself it can show a lot in dialog how the character may be feeling. for example, if my character is dropping the F bomb and normally doesn’t, then it would hint to the reader the character is upset/ out of norm. Also it can kinda give perception on the character, for example if you want to portray your character as “bad” you may have them swear . #LetUsSwear It can build up character if used correctly! And not to mention if your story utilizes swears you should warn the audience.


More than likely with the censor option we will still be able to know what they’re saying :sweat_smile: I’m not talking about the swears disappearing and leaving out a word, I mean covering the word up or adding symbols.
Understand that nearly every episode story that I’ve seen has swears in it, and weather or not if it’s due to religions or the fact that you’re not a big fan of it, many players would prefer to read without swears.
I personally don’t see how this would negatively effect authors or readers who want to read with swears.

Would you?



I’m gonna be honest, y’all, I’ve spent plenty of time on platforms where swearing was totally illegal, and it kind of sucked. A lot of people felt really restricted, and they’d use censoring programs that wouldn’t allow you to say things like, I dunno, “abolish it” because she “sh” and the “it” together would not work.

The idea of the author themselves putting in the option to censor certain words throughout their story is cool, but it’d take a bit of coding and not many want to go through all that trouble. Not to mention the authors themselves would feel unable to use all of the tools language provides to really get their story going, vulgar or not.

In any case, there should maybe be a sort of “switch” included in the settings section to maybe blur out certain words?


Oh, the censor would be for the readers, and there would be a filter that would automatically censor certain things. I know what you’re talking about with the illegal swearing; in some games, you can say hardly anything.





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