FEATURE: Chances/Percentages and Random Selection

I worded this badly and it’s pretty confusing for me to read back on, but I haven’t slept in about 3 days and this is what I’ve got.

So, I’ve just covered text adventure games coded through python in my computing lessons. One thing I realised is that we don’t have an option to use chances on episode, like we can in python and other coding softwares. I know episode isn’t mainly for coding or anything, but I think it could make an interesting addition to many stories. I mean, sure we can choose whether the action is successful or not, but wouldn’t it be cool to have the ability to set a percentage chance or something. Or if someone was using riddles, you could set it so each reader gets one randomly selected and everyone has a slightly different experience.

The coding could be something like this

by =< I mean equal or less than, it’s just difficult to get the right symbol
notice I say ‘something like’. this isn’t python coding, or in the episode coding style; so not really anything like this at all. also this was a kinda complex example, I just kept spotting mistakes and have no common sense so that’s cool

#was ____ successful?

 n = number from range (1,100)
 if n =<50 AND [relationshippoints] =<10
goto unsuccessful
 elif n =<50 AND [relationshippoints] >10
goto successful
 if n 50<n=<75 AND [relationshippoints] =<10
goto successful
 elif n 50<n=<75 AND [relationshippoints] >10
goto successful
 elif n >75 AND [relationshippoints] =<10
goto successful
goto extraSuccessful

In a way you can already do this, with the point and gain system.
But it’s much harder to code, and the outcome is always the same. You can’t get anything random.

I’d really like to be able to combine the two like you’ve done in your example though,

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I agree. This could also help when readers choose their sexuality and would choose ‘I don’t care’.

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