FEATURE: Character shadows

I feel like the characters in episodes don’t seem like they are actually there. A lot of the time I have a hard time connecting them to the scene and surroundings they are in. Being an art school student I have learned the importance of shadows connecting a character to a scene. If a character has no effect on their surroundings it makes it difficult to believe they are apart of the scene. This is a small nitpick and a lot of people probably don’t even notice the lack of a shadow beneath the characters but it would help the quality and grounding the characters.



even though it would be cool. I fell like that would be an unesary thing there would cost hell a lot money to make. and that money could be put in good use on better things on the app


I was thinking more just like a half transparent circle under the character than like casting actual shadows which wouldn’t really cost much other than time adding it to each animation respectively but yeah Episode does have bigger things to worry about so again just a nitpick

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I feel like it wouldn’t be a waste of time but just take a lot of time because you have to draw it for both genders and all outfits.

But I agree with @Littledoubt’s second post

That woukd still be weird. if they added it as an accesary okay that would work. though I think most people would not use it . but as a permant thing to a charatere it would look stupid. spically in dark scenes.

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I mean objects still cast shadows at night because of the moon and street lights and stuff but sure, Also woah calm down it was just a suggestion. I still think shadows would be cool. Maybe not circles exactly but yeah ground shadows so characters don’t look as floaty as they are now

I do a lot of scenes with ppl falling, climbing, balancing on railings etc but yeah, I’d dig this as long as you could turn it off when necessary.

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Yeah I can agree with that