FEATURE: Choice Statistics!


As a writer are you ever curious as to what choices your readers choose?

I know I am!
I love knowing others perspectives and what type of play through they follow.

What if we had an option where we could see statistics of what percent of readers chose what choice!

Life is strange for example,

I don’t expect something as specific or artsy as this, I’m just suggesting maybe a pie chart or data chart of what choice is picked.

I think it’s important as writers to connect with our readers and understand their likes and choices.

We can build off these statistics!

Your thoughts? Anything you want to add onto my suggestion?

Feel free!






I really need this




Supporting this !


YES i thought about this just yesterday!!! I really want to see what my readers choose


Support! I think that after a story (or an episode) is finished, there should be an extra pop up in the … button under all stories that lets you access the stats.












Support because who really isn’t curious to know what their readers choose? :smile:


Definitely support




Honestly I as the writer would enjoy these more than readers :sweat_smile::joy::two_hearts: