FEATURE: Choose Speech Bubble Style


So we get to choose what style of characters we want (Classic, INK, Limelight), then we get to choose what format we want (Spotlight, Cinematic). We should be able to choose what kind of style of speechbubbles we want for our stories! We should get to choose between multiple colors and even what box shapes we want!

[UPDATE]: I know that new speechbubbles have been released. We now get the choice to choose which color, but this was not what I (we) wanted.

I (we) wanted a choice to choose different colors AND STYLES. What they did was just changed it to one overall style and all we get is a choice between only 3 colors that we already had.

How do you do the speechbubble outline colour?
COMING SOON: Speech Bubble Style Update & Larger Episode Scripts!
FEATURE: Being able to change a speech bubble style

I like this idea! It would be a cool feature to have :slight_smile:


SUPPORT! This should be featured! I have been thinking about this too, it would be amazing if they feature this! :hugs:


SUPPORT :+1:t3:


Creative I like it!


I support this!


SUPPORT! :smile:
This would be a great idea since currently you can only have blue, pink, and purple. I’ve always wanted black speechbubbles :joy::new_moon_with_face:


At least, please give us a civilized way to choose between the existing colors. If it’s possible to choose purple / pink speechbubbles using the story name lifehack, I think it will be relatively easy to give the writers an “official” way to choose a style for speechbubbles. I’m a little sick of seeing DemiLovatoNonsense in my story link in the Portal, and we need to submit these links to Episode when entering contests or contacting the support team.


I support this!! It would make our stories more unique and maybe fit the theme of your story??


Very much support!


I really support this …People have story which they want to change the speech bubble to purple or pink but they can’t cause they are middle of story or some people even don’t know how to do it (I also didn’t) I know it know but what is benefit ? I can’t change it in middle of the story


Awesome, support all the way!


Yeah :clap: absolutely :muscle:


YES! You can already type in Demi Lavato to get the puple and Mean Girls for the pink. But I would like to choose everything like the narrator bubble shape the color and the way the choices look. That would be awesome!


100 percent support this!


Support, support, support!!