FEATURE:Choosing height for character directly will customizing them

I was think about a feature that could be useful and probably easier when coding, when creating a character you enter their name and also height so when you make a character taller or smaller you can directly say “character enters side” so there’s no problem of them being taller or smaller than before pls tell me if you think this is a good idea and what do you think

Here are some examples of what I’m talking about



This method would actually make things harder… and a hell of a lot more complicated than just spot directing how we usually do. This is because: not all of the backgrounds are the same size, which means in some scenes [and some spots in certain scenes] characters will look much too large. Same goes for when characters are in the background during a scene, they’ll end up being too large when compared to the characters at the front of the scene.



For real, it is so annoying bc I the characters heights always fluctuate and I am not going to remember a coordinate like -1002i9w when writing!

While I like the idea, I think being able to choose a height for characters would be more handy if we spot directed characters similar to or the same as the Spotlight platform where the positions and scalings are more relative/connected to the background or the grid so-to-speak and not so much separate free-form scaling with a separate x and y axis spotting like Episode. It’s difficult to explain haha, but I promise the two of them have differences when it comes to placing characters into a scene.


Duplicate closed. Refer to FEATURE : fixed height for all characters when creating and FEATURE: Height Sliders (LL & INK) to support this request! :smiley: