FEATURE: Choosing Time for Looping Backgrounds

I’m not sure if this thread already exists…but today someone wanted to have their background loop slower and the looping backgrounds have an automatic loop to them, so there is no way to make them slower (or faster) unless you upload an overlay and use that, I believe.

I think that it would be really awesome if we could select the speed for the loop-whether we wanted it to loop very slow, fast or medium paced. We could add that loop command into our stories and that’s how fast the background would loop for.

What do you think?

On a side note, wouldn’t it be cool if we could upload looping backgrounds? Check out that thread here: FEATURE: Upload Looping Backgrounds and GIFs

Also, I think it would be cool if we could switch loop on and off in a background, have a file dedicated to just looping backgrounds, so no need to search them up, but of course the main feature for this thread that I want to see happen is a looping time for backgrounds.


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YESSS this would be really helpful :smiley:

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I actually think it could add a dramatic effect.
That’s a great idea!

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I support this also my dear friend! Idk if you said this in your text (I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I’m not sure I got everything right when reading your text. No offense towards you, I’m the stupid one :smile:) but it would be cool if we could have the option to loop whatever background in the portal that we want to loop. This with the ability to choose the speed of the loop would be super cool features!

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Nah, don’t call yourself that, you’re one of the smartest people I know :heart_eyes_cat:
Thank you so much for your support, and yeah, that would be so freaking awesome :sparkling_heart:

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