FEATURE: Choosing which choice happens if timer runs out

I don’t know if this thread exists or not… but I think it would be really cool if we could pick which choice would happen if the timer runs out. The disadvantage with timed choices now is that everyone knows to avoid the last choice because that’s usually the wrong one. But what if we could choose the first choice, or the middle one, then readers would be caught unaware and it would make the story more interesting :woman_shrugging:t4:


I agree

support 100%!!

Are we not allowed to do that? (Sorry I’ve never used time choices :blush:)

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Support 100%!!!




We aren’t, sadly. It always just defaults to the last choice :pensive:

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We already have that! (If I’m thinking about the same thing you mean, correct me if I’m wrong haha) but you can code it so that it chooses the “bad choice” since I used it in my story.

For example, if in my story jumping is the wrong choice and I wanted readers to defaultly choose that choice when time runs out, I would add [timed:15:“Jump”] (or something like that, sorry I don’t remember exactly)