FEATURE: Classic Clothing For Ink and Limelight


I was looking through the classic clothing today and was amazed at some of the newer ones from when I started using Ink for the first time. I started to think about how some of the clothing would look amazing upgraded to fit the LL and Ink styles. I know it may be difficult to achieve and I don't know if it's been suggested before, but I really liked them (if anyone knows where I can get clothes like that from, I would highly appreciate it too but that's not what this is about). I really liked the dresses that they have such as the 'Falling Flowers Gown', 'Rococo Ribbon Gown', 'Space Vixen Armor', 'Falling Petal Dress' and the 'Sheer Zig Dress' along with the 'Graphic Tee', 'High Waisted Shorts', 'Lace Collar Crop Top', 'Hamburger Tee' and so much more.

What do you other writers think? Am I crazy? Or would it be nice to have some of the old style clothing altered for the newer styles?


Would be nice!


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Actually some authors figured out how to combine all styles of characters into a single episode story. So limelight clothes can be worn by ink characters, and ink clothes can be warm by limelight characters. But classic clothes can’t be worn by the other types and vice versa.