FEATURE: Closet Button


Not sure if this thread already exists but I think it would be cool if we had a closet button on the side in our episodes-so for our stories, we select a bunch of clothes, add them to the closet (we choose the background of the closet), and we arrange them in categories-formal, casual, sportswear, etc.

The reader can at anytime in the Episode click the closet button to change outfits-we could even lock this button for some scenes-for example, they’re at a party and can’t change during it.

What do you think? :smile::sparkles:

Of course, some people may not want to add a closet, so it can be an optional add in : )


I love it!


Merci, mon amie :smile::revolving_hearts:


Oui !



I need a damn sentence


Episode please!!!


Yes! Support


Thank you to everyone who supports :smile:
You’re all awesome ; )


This would be such a cool feature, sigh