FEATURE: Clothes Backpacks



I have been working on school and apocalyptic related stories and I would love to be able to apply backpacks to boy men and women outfits. It’s just feels very incomplete without them. I would appreciate the support.




If using Limelight, the clothing article “Backpack Quilt Stitched Open Top Leather,” may be used as a substitute, or at least for the time being.

I support this thread! I think a variety of different backpacks should be made available as to accommodate for the different genres. If you’d like to try and imitate a custom backpack being used, PM me and I can help you with custom overlays and etc to help you and your stories fulfill their need for backpacks! :blush:

Good luck!


I support this idea!


Also make sure to change the title to so it doesn’t get deleted!
FEATURE: Clothes Backpacks


Thanks so much for the heads up IDONTKNOWREAL :grinning:


That be great, thank you for the offer :grin: I would love to be able to sample a custom overlay


Support! :heart::wink:


Thanks :relaxed: