FEATURE: Clothes for Non-Binary/Gender-Fluid

So, I want to make this story about a gender non-binary/gender fluent person named Skylar, but nothing really seems to be gender non-binary. Like, you have your male and female avatars, but what if you wanted someone who was both? Like some clothes or maybe a different avatar for them. Now I know that gender non-binary/gender fluent people do not have different body shapes because they were born (fe)male. But, it would be nice to see some stuff for people who want gender neutral clothes, not just dresses and other stuff that’s like crop tops in the female section and so on.
I know that they do have stuff like that, but why can’t we have some men’s clothing in the woman’s side? It does happen. I often wear men’s shirts because I wear superhero shirts sometimes and they put glitter and sparkles on almost every superhero shirt. Or they just don’t have shirts about superman/batman for girls, only WonderWoman and Supergirl.


Support!! :two_hearts:


S-U-P-P-O-R-T! Great Idea :bulb:


Yes please!!

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