Feature: clothing for different bodytypes

I am well aware that the whole “more body types!” thing is put on hold because of how much work it would take to recreate all the assets and animations to fit them. I understand how adding things like being under or overweight, bust size, and differentiating athletisizm would be more difficult, but having more clothes for children (like when you put on the clothing, its ““baggy””" enough that they dont have curves) with childlike designs would be a great loophole! Even clothes that make them look a bit chubbier (same concept with pregnancy clothes, but less, err, pronounced.)

Dont get me wrong, I appreciate the work that Episode Team put into art releases, but Id be willing to wait an extra few weeks without updates for major development in this area! All these are loopholes to work around actually cr

eating new body types.

TL;DR: I’m, instead of for actual options to change body types like most threads, asking for clothing to be made to accomodate ages. This is not for making skinny or overweight characters, but children.


Yesss support! It’s so unsettling to see a five year old with boobs :joy:


Change title to

FEATURE: BODY TYPES Im sure there already is a thread like this.


There are way too many request for one thread. Please make any edits required as per the feature request guidelines located here: Feature Request Guidelines . Thanks!

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I edited it! Is this okay?


The content of your thread/post includes more than one feature request. As per the guidelines only one request is allowed per thread. So your close…but not so much. Give it another try :smiley:

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You have to do 2 differnet threads is what @Nick is saying one for body shapes, one for facial features. You can not do 2 requests is what the Feature: Request thread said.

Thanks for the explanation. Also important to note that we already have a diff body type feature request thread. So no need to create a new one <3

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Always happy to help! :heart:

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I was summoned?

But in all seriousness, support!

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Support, support, support, support, support! :smiley:

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Ahh, okay! I’m new to forums, so tysm! Is it okay to leave it as clothing for different body types? Because most threads Ive seen ask for whole new options. Otherwise, can you link me to one of them asking for clothing? Thanks again.

Closing thread since we already have a request thread for this. CLOTHING: Body types