FEATURE: Color Palette


I think it’s hard to choose a body color, especially for Limelight, since we have so many. It would be good to have a palette of colors we can choose from instead of their names (e.g. instead of Female Generic Skin Brown Deep Rose, we’d have the color). That would not only make body options (hair color/style, eye color/style, eyebrows and their colors, lip color etc) easier to be used and gone through, a color palette for outfits would be much appreciated: we wouldn’t have to go after and outfit AND its color, we could simply choose the outfit and choose a color through the palette.

Example of the palette:


I don’t know if anyone agrees with me, but I think that would make character/outfit creation way easier and we wouldn’t have to create our character on our mobile so we can use them on our computer. :confused:


This is a great idea but why do you create them on mobile?
The computer is super easy to use.


It’s faster to create characters on mobile because you don’t have to go through the features’ names such as skin tones and hair styles, you see them and select them quickly. When I’m writing a story in Limelight, I usually go to my profile character and create my character there, and then when they’re ready I just “copy and paste” to the computer instead of looking for the right features on the computer. I just find it easier and faster.


oh ok lol


Nice idea and all, but then people wouldn’t be able to change customization parts in the script and also CC templates wouldn’t work, like at all, they need names.


I’m not saying they wouldn’t have names, they would, we just wouldn’t have to choose the colors for their names. Like, we’d choose the color and in the script the name of the color would show up.


Great Idea, I support this!


Bump! I need this!


Bump bump bump :grin:
This is a great idea!


Glad it got implemented :slight_smile:


I know, right? It made the character creation easier and faster!


It was a really awesome idea :smile:

It’s definitely what we needed so congrats lol


Thank you! :joy: