FEATURE: Coming of Age Genre


You ever write a story and think this doesn’t fit into any category?
Maybe you have some humorous scenes, but it’s not quite a comedy.
Or it’s got some romance, a bit of drama, but doesn’t focus on one heavily enough to call it a romance or a drama.
It’s also probably set in the MC’s high school years or first year of college…

That’s why I think we need a Coming of Age genre added to the app.
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I actually think that a coming of age story fits quite cleanly into one category or another… adding another genre that isn’t a typical genre we see in libraries seems a bit redundant. Stories will almost always fit into one category or another. Just because it doesn’t completely stay within the lines of one doesn’t mean there should be a whole separate genre for it. This is sort of what the special shelves are for that pop up in the app. I personally think that most coming of age stories would fit into drama. Think about it: your own life story could be considered a drama. It doesn’t have to be super ultra dramatic for it to be a drama. Just keep that in mind.


Possibly true, depending on what way you look at it. But I think drama is too broad of a genre and a lot of stories fit under the drama-umbrella which makes it so hard to find what you’re looking for. Personally, I think there needs to be a lot more categories added, not just this one. This was just the only one that there wasn’t a pre-existing shelf for at the time that I made this feature request.

A massive problem on the app is that people place their stories in the wrong genre - a genre with a smaller amount of stories - so that they can be seen/have a better rank. The best example of this is Drama and Romance stories being put into the Comedy and Thriller/Horror categories. So even though Coming of Age might not be a category you find at every library, more specific genres would actually help clean up the app.


You’re right – more genres would help clean up the app, and I do agree that people are miss-categorizing their stories for the sake of visibility, which is wrong, but a lot of that does have to do with the nature of romance and dramas. They’re popular, and they encompass a large number of plot lines, but people continue to write more and more of them. Good stories often get lost in the seas of bad boy/teacher/pregnancy/gang stories. This is not an issue in the way the app is structured. It is an issue with the writers. If more genres are added, I am sure that others will continue to move their stories to a different one due to visibility.


I guess it’s not really an issue with the way the app’s structured, and yeah ultimately it’s down to the author’s who choose to mis-categorize their own stories, but since new stories are being added everyday, the app does sort of have to expand as well. Coming of Age, Teen Fiction, Sci-fi are a few genres that I think would help organize Episode, and whilst author’s may still continue to put their story in the wrong genre, I would hope the ones that truly belong there would be able to make their way to the front pages of that category.


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Hopefully, this feature is COMING. I mean come on Episode, aren’t you at the AGE where you can implement it in? It should be easy to add it! :sunny:


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In The Works: A Shelf About Artists/Musicians

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