FEATURE: Complex hair colours section

Okay, so I’m pretty sure we’ve seen many complex hair colours and ombré hair that we love. I was thinking maybe when choosing hair colour there could be a sub section for ombré colours? It would makes the colour selection less clogged and easier to navigate through. Like and comment if you support! :heart::sparkles:


Ooh I love this! However, I’m not sure it’s possible since the unique haircolors are typically locked behind gem choices, and episode isn’t willing to release any gem items, unfortunately :confused:

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There is more free ones than you might think. If they are on Bg character then they are free for them to release or if they were free during customisation. I have screenshots of a lot of them and there are ones on the wishlist. I just don’t see them ever releasing any and I think seeing ombre in non featured stories would be quite weird.

But if we were to get them then yeah that would probably be the best way to organize them.
So yes support but we should not get our hopes up. :woman_shrugging:


Support. But for adding the ombre colors they would have to make it so the color is only there for certain hair styles. Like how some styles have a different colour white then some of the others.