FEATURE: Contests for people with low follower counts


A fellow episode friend and I were just discussing this on Instagram.
It would be nice if Episode would find ways to even the playing field.
For example, I think they should have separate contest for new writers. Like contest for writers that have 1 to 200 followers…that make sense?
Contest based on how many followers you have would really help.
Just a thought that I hope Episode woul consider.


Love this idea for new writers! Go, Nikki, go!


Hi! Moved this to the Feature Request section as that’s where suggestions live. Please edit your post to follow the guidelines for suggestion threads as I’d hate to see this closed or deleted :slight_smile: Thanks!




I read those before I post and I thought I posted in the right area.


be sure to change the title of your thread to something like “FEATURE: Contests for people with low follower counts” so it doesn’t get closed! support ^-^!




Yaas! Smth for all us lil ppl


Idk, I think it should be based on something other than low follow count. I average 100~ish reads on my story and I have 1.3k followers since I’ve been around a while.






I support your idea!