FEATURE: Copy Outfits


With the new features for LL (tattoos, freckles - yay!) it would be even better to have the option to copy whole outfits, so you could adjust them in an easier way. If you want to give the reader the option to CC, you also may want to give the option to let them choose between wearing glasses, tattoos, freckles and other options that may come in the future which have to be added to outfits.

Recreating all outfits with each of these options takes a lot of time. Therefore I suggest adding a functionality to copy outfits, so they can be altered later without having to create the whole outfit again first.


Support. Duplicating outfits to allow for CC is exhausting.


Support, to help your hands not break creating characters outfits.




It would be also nice to be able to copy outfits/characters between stories.



This would be so helpful, especially with the freckles and tattoos, but also when a character is taking off a jacket or bag, etc. Great idea!


This would be helpful :blush: support :grin:

If you want guys, you can check out this great trick that @GiGi_is_Me shared with us. It makes it easier to create similar outfits! :blush: :wink:




Yes! That too! I second that!


Thank you so much! I think that was a bug that has been fixed :frowning: At least it does not work for me anymore. But I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:


Oh man :persevere: that’s a bummer :tired_face:
I hope Episode will implement this feature then. It would be very useful :muscle:


Support!! I have so many outfits I have to rebuild simply because my character removed a jacket/put on earphones etc. This could be so useful!