FEATURE: Cover Art Maker


I’m not too good at explaining things so bare with me, but I was thinking (I’m not sure if anyone’s suggested this before) about Episode possibly creating a “Cover Art Maker/Generator” sometime in the future.
For example, instead of taking hours or not being able to decide on a cover/not liking the outcome of it, Episode could provide you with the following:

  • several backgrounds to choose from
  • different character poses/facial expressions (you can customize the outfits, features, etc. for the characters who will be on the cover)
  • different filters
  • different fonts to use for the title
  • and anything else anyone could suggest in this topic!

This seems like a lot to ask for and it honestly really is, but wouldn’t it be cool? I like to make/find my own covers, but I’d love a feature similar to this for those who aren’t able to access cover making programs or people who make them so they could request. Just a thought!


good idea but there is an entire Episode groups that literally only do art


Of course! Just a suggestion.

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That seems like a cool feature :slightly_smiling_face:
Support :+1:

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I disagree. I find the way it is now to be easy, and if you want a cover there’s plenty of artist on the forums. Even if you don’t want to wait, you can make a cover for your stories as well on one of the many free editing and drawing websites and apps.

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This would be so convenient! I had to use my photo editor app to make a cover, and it was very tedious and it didn’t come out looking too good. The only problem for your idea would be choosing whether to do it in Limelight, Ink, Spotlight, etc. And how many clothing options to give, etc.


Hey can u make me a Cover :slight_smile:




Can someone close this thread?


If you want it closed, you’ll have to tag @Jeremy or @Sydney_H :slightly_smiling_face:

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