FEATURE: Create INK and Limelight Versions of the same story within ONE published story


I think it would be awesome if we could ask readers to choose whether they want to read the story in INK or Limelight and then have both versions of the story within one published story… I hope this makes sense!

For example: When readers click on the story, they can choose between INK and Limelight. The authors will have to create both versions of the same story, but both versions would be essentially contained within the same story. I think this would help authors because instead of having to publish a completely separate story, Episode could allow us to create one story with both styles.

I’m suggesting this because we are at a pivotal stage on the app where Limelight is starting to become really popular, but there are still many diehard INK fans who refuse to convert to LL. I have asked my readers if they would read my next story if it’s written in LL, and almost half of them said no. I think a lot of authors are encountering similar statistics. It would also help authors retain a better user story ranking if they were allowed to keep both versions of their story within one publication, rather than have them separated.

Please think about this, episode! And thank you for reading <3


do you know how much coing that would take. its hard enough to code already .


Try this it works I tried so it not a new feature.
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It’s just an option for those of us who want it! It’s not a mandatory thing.

Liz said in a different thread that this is a glitch and that Episode may remedy it at some point… which means if you write a story this way, it might not work after a certain amount of time.