FEATURE: Create Your Own Animations


Wouldn’t it be cool to make your own animations? Like position a body part in a certain way? Edit a current animation and make it your own? It would be so cool! I would totally make so many. This should be a feature. Adjust body parts and maybe make it a great animation! You also can be able to make it public, and who knows, it could be one of the best animations out there!


100% agree. That would be incredible and sooooo good!!


The amount of times I have been frustrated with not having the right animation, and have had to resort to explaining what was going on instead of showing it is so annoying, I give my support :joy:


It would be cool, but don’t you think how HARD would be to make an animation??


If they do make a super hard system, you can just use the default animations. But, they could make a simple system too. :heart::heart:




Yes! i’ve been wanting this forever!


While I understand it’s be a hard feature to implement, it would surely be one of the most amazing ones out there. Support :ok_hand:t2:


Support, bump!!


Such a brilliant idea!