FEATURE: Creating A Classic Shelf


**All credit goes to @RMM **

Although I do read both styles, I personally prefer stories that are written in the classic style and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find them. For the past few months every shelf has been filled with stories written in the ink style and you’d have to scroll dozens of times to find a classic story. My idea is to create a shelf on the app that only features stories that are written in the classic style. I do understand that the classic style is no longer being updated, however I’d like to see the authors who write in this style get the recognition that they deserve. There are so many stories that are truly incredible that go unnoticed simply because of the style that they were written in. Personally I write three stories that are all in the classic style, a few months ago I entered my story “The Loser” into “the call for story data” that was on the forums, the feedback shows that my story, even though it is written in classic, exceeded the engagement level that is looked for in featured stories (I’ve attached a screen shot of my results) additionally, my story “Beautiful Destruction” was featured on one of the weekly shelves, which means that the reader engagement for that story was also rather high. I believe that this is proof that the classic style still has many supporters and that it deserves more recognition and even a bit more publicity. If my idea were to be taken into consideration I would be more than happy to help in any way.
Thank you ~RMM

Classic. Improve it, dont remove it. (quick rant)
I miss Classic, who else wants more stories in classic?
What do you like about Episode?
APP: Different sections

Wow! I love this idea, There is not a lot of love for the classic art style. I’m writing a classic style to.


Mannnn Classic style used to be the stuff. I love Brenda’s stories like The Bet and The Dare and those were in Classic. Probably one of the first stories I ever read on Episode! To bring back those oldies but goodies, that would be AMAZING. Totally go for it!


Wow, I loved her stories too. My favourites were The Dare, Reckless an The Bet.




Even though I don’t read Classic stories that often anymore I support this. People still love Classic and it’s the OG so it will always hold a special place in my heart and I think a Classic shelf would be great even though they’re not updating clothes and animations anymore.


Yeah even though I don’t read classic as much there are still plenty of amazing story on the app the deserved to be seen.


I absolutely support this idea. You can barely even find a Classic story nowadays. It’d be nice to have an option to make it easier to search for them.


lol, of course I agree and support this idea. I’ve attached the images in my comment if anyone needs to see them :+1:t3:


I tried looking for you on the new forum but I couldn’t find you before I made the post. So Ill go and tage you in this one.


Haha, it’s no problem really. I would’ve ended up reposting it anyways :two_hearts:




Just here to give a little bump of encougment.


How did you see your reader engagement score (completely unrelated lol)


how about the ability to search only in that style .when you search a story you can tag .classick. limelight and ink .so its only stories that there show up. it would also be cool if you could at the same time search genre


If the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy had babies would they take your teeth and leave chocolate for you?

This feature would be really nice to have.


I support! They should at least do it for people who make, and like classic, some peeps may not like the newer styles

Post your Classic Stories here!

That would be awesome!


I love this idea! I have quite a few stories but most of mine are Classic. I do like Ink but I still prefer Classic over Ink and Limelight.
I just published a new Classic story the other day its called "Crazy for you:) <3


Ugh yes, support! I would also personally like to see old featured stories because I recall there was some really good stories (in classic) like:

Always Talk to Strangers
The President’s Daughter

(But that’s all I remember tho. Would’ve remember more if I had my old account…)