Feature: Custom Animations

I think being able to create your own custom animations for your story would be super cool.

Before you get intimated thinking it would be too hard let me explain how I think this could work. So episode would have a “Create Animation” button somewhere if you click it, it would bring you to a seperate create-a-mation page.

There would be arm, leg, stomache, head, eye, etc, assets you would choose which ones you wanted to try and create an animation for your story you would click the “Save Animation” button and name your new animation.

I think this could be really cool like if you’re having someone sit on the couch and cuddle with someone else you’d be able to try and create that.


Yeah but it would be difficult… it’s not so easy you will have to create the character with body,hands,feet…and make him/her do the animation you want. Practically you have to do what episode do to create new type of characters


My idea is that you would have just a default random generated character to make the animations that way it could be easier to implement, and once you added it to your story it would be your character doing it.


Now that I think about it… it seems like a great idea, but I feel like Episode would make us do more coding on the script, like for each body part of the character.


Yeah that would most likely be what they’d do. :grin:

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I think that sounds really cool… I think that if they made it the it would be slightly difficult but it would definitely make out episodes more original!

I agree with u… it’s hard enough for me to even write the script with the codings and all… n with more coding… sure its a good idea… the characters would have more animations… but it would just complicates the script … it might even take alot lines to do it tho… just my thought… but love the idea anyways

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