FEATURE: Custom Music/Audio

I have a suggestion that I’m sure other authors might support.

Just like custom backgrounds and overlays, don’t you think we should have music too?!

My idea is, in writers portal, the highlighted drop down arrow labeled “Sounds” there sound be a “Add Link” button as well, where we could paste a URL (such as a YouTube video) and the audio will appear. There would be an option of, “Is the type of audio a music or a sound” and then authors can name the music or sound so it could be added into the script.

music off and sound off should work or wait until the audio finishes in the episode.

If you support this leave a like. Any other agreements? Leave a comment.


Yea. It was a good idea though. But maybe like backgrounds and overlays they can have a thing where you can only upload free comercial songs or something. But I think those would be too hard to find.

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Yeah, although it would be cool but i do agree with @brvnda, Episode could get sued for copyright.


Hi! This suggestion is actually already covered here! Feel free to support your request on that original thread :slight_smile: Thanks! :v:t2: