FEATURE: Custom Sounds

I was thinking that if episode can give us a option to add our custom sounds or music, how great would that be!
I know it’s hard but atleast they can think about it. It does have to be much, they can add a limitation of 5 or 10 sounds per story.
I think that would be enough so we can add our own wishful sound for atleast intro and outro.


I think they can give add props options too, like adding our props instead of overlays would be much easier … like a suitcase etc


Yes, they should give this too. I support this!


I also wish they will make the errors go away not like away away like they should correct the errors automatically instead of spending hours upon hours trying to find the solution


İ’ve been thinking this from the beginning. So great to see people who thinks the same! Supportt :slight_smile:


I think they should do this too. I support this too!

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It’s nice to have a person who thinks the same! I am glad that I am not the only one to think so…



Where I go with this is that if we are allowed to upload our own sounds, that opens us up to voice acting. If the sounds don’t have a set length or amount and can be activated at the same time or just before an animation, some madlad with time to burn is gonna do it.

Support!!! :purple_heart: