FEATURE: Customizable clothing items



What if there was an option to customize clothing with like a paint section in the writer portal. Like if they had a clothing item like this and you can use a paint can to fill in the full thing or the paint brush to make designs or something like that with custom colors so you can make the colors match.

Maybe if you want your character to have a signature piece, maybe it means something to them.
I think this would be an easy way to have a more diverse style for the characters and the creators at Episode won’t have to push out clothing as often. With the shape of the clothing already made and fitted for each animation, it seems like it would be a somewhat accomplishable, I think.

Anyway, I think this would just be a fun idea and I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Let me know what you think


I think it would be very cool :blush:

Just name this thread something like this:

FEATURE: Customizable clothing items

So it won’t get closed :wink::ok_hand:


Moved to Writer’s Portal since this sounds like a feature that would be added to the Portal itself. :wink:


That would be awesome!!!




It would be great to create our own clothes and put them on the characters the same for props.