Feature: customization templates

Customization is shown in majority of the stories within episode. It can take hours on end write in everything feature and the readers complain if you do not have it. So I am suggesting that episode puts in a “Customization Template” in the Template flab at the side of the portal, so that is writers can use less time writing the formatting for Customization and have more time to focus on our stories!

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It does, for Ink. It just needs to be updated with the newer features. :slight_smile:

There is? Where?

Under script templates, on the side of your script:

There are many templates, including character customization for male and female. :slight_smile:

Wow thank you for telling me I never noticed :joy:

No problem, lol. :joy: Happy to help! :blush:

The amazing @Dara.Amarie has created multiple Character templates for us to use and enjoy:

Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight)

I am writing stories on IOS and I’m wondering how I can make my characters look different ?? The ink just isn’t my style…

You can switch to Limelight but you can’t switch the style if you’ve already started the story.

Okay! If I start another, How could I change them??

When you start a new story, you will have to customize a character before doing anything else. So when you click on Characters, this will pop up:

You get to choose between Limelight, Ink or Classic.
Pick Limelight.

Now be sure to look out for the next part which is this:

This will format your characters as full bodied

And this will put in them in a box.

Choose wisely :relieved:

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Hi all! This thread seems to be created in the wrong section of the forums so I took the liberty of moving it to the Feature Request section. I also see that this has been resolved sooooooo closing. Thanks to everyone for the assist!

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