FEATURE: Cuts, Wounds, and Dirt for Survival/Apocalyptic Stories


I’ve just dipped my toes into writing this survival story, but I’ve come across a BIT of a problem… That being clothes just don’t read APOCALPYSE or SURVIVAL! (Excluding that ONE outfit set for females and HALF of one for the dudes.) I don’t know if it’s just a me problem, but I’m not a huge fan of every single one of my characters walking around in the exact same bloody shirt? And I mean bloody in the very literal sense. The female characters have a shirt and a pair of dirty pants, the dudes only have a bloody shirt from the 1940s and I can only do so much “survival-esque” outfit combos with those pirate clothes lolz. So with these two features I think it would allow almost ANY outfit to look the part. So here are my ideas:

  1. Dirt: So this would be used just like how moles, freckles, and tattoos are and it would, very plainly, put dirt on the characters face and/or body (Having the characters all have flawless skin seems a bit too…odd). Also, if the Episode Crew is feeling extra saucy and is really craving that apocalyptic vibe they could add blood to the mix. OooOOoOH!

  2. Cuts/wounds: This is basically the “Dirt” idea- but with cuts and wounds and stuff.

Here are some other RAD Survival Clothing ideas! I’m thinkin that together these could be some seriously hardcore Mad Max type stuff :sunglasses: Check out and support these three posts bc combined, they are EXACTLY what’s needed for these Apocalyptic and Survival stories:
- Apocalyptic Clothing
- Dirty Clothing
- Bandages
Anyway, I thought this would be a cool update to have and could really add some spice to the other genres. I feel like somehow most of the survival/apocalypse stories lose their flavor in the “survival” aspect and just embrace romance like every other Episode story. If you have anything to add to the list, write it up and make this post be heard! Cuz boy oh boy, do I need some survival stuff for my story… Unless you hate it. In which case- I guess you can just, like, ignore it?


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I like this idea. Support :purple_heart:




Support for INK too, need more old style era clothes and tattered garments!










ink is no longer being updated.

But yes I SUPPORT!!


Support this would be very useful for apocalypse stories.


WAIT WHAT?! How come? Like never again, with clothes, hairstyles etc.?


I know it’s insane!! But I think it’s because the program LL operates under is entirely different from INK, so it becomes really expensive for them (money and time wise) to use both. I think. You might have to look at a different thread to know what the whole dealeo is


NOOO way!! :frowning: I’ll go see what’s up, but hopefully they come back to updating it in the future. There’s no way they can abandon that style, it’s way too damn popular (and the best imho). <3


They will just release the rest of the stuff they had for Ink. Like, the clothes and accessories in some of the featured stories.


Support! Support! Support!!


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Thanks for all the support so far :purple_heart: Just FYI I’m having to edit a butt-load of stuff on my post right now, since apparently I’m violating literally everything lolz


Support!!! I hate having to cancel a kind of warfare / apocaliptic type story bc I dont have to resources for it… Of course for cuts or mud you could use overlays but you cant do that for clothes