FEATURE : Dark Mode



Has anyone else been working on a story late in the night only to just see…
unless you turn your screen down

I’d love a dark mode like twitter has, so we can shield our eyes, and have a much easier lighting on them.

The website writer portal is super bright, and could feature some customization to the portal pages that give it personal touch.

Thank you and please support!


Can you be a bit more specific? What Episode site/sites would you like to see have a dark mode option? Just the writer’s portal? Thanks!




Care to elaborate?


Oh I editted it… But my idea is basically that the forums and writer portal should have a setting menu for customizing the accents and main colors.

The setting menu could feature many themes that could change the color of the script sets.

Like all
Could be green or red based on what you choose…
I hope I explained it well enough.


SUPPORT! I would love to change the colorful background (in the forums) that we have to something else that I like,


Exactly! I usually write at night because I like the dark?? um not weird i swear
but it just would be great if it wasnt so blue and yellow


Yes… I support


Bump. I would love a dark mode for the forums :wink:




I support, that would be awesome for me alongside others when we’re in bed or just got up. It’s better for it to be gradual so dark mode would be amazing!