FEATURE: Dark/Night Mode On Episode Writer Portal

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people ask for this feature. I’ve seen forums dating back to 2018 asking for it…we haven’t got it yet so I’ll make another one, it’d be really cool to have DARK/NIGHT MODE ON THE WRITERS PORTAL. like many of the other threads have said the light mode is fine during the day but it’s annoying at night it would be better to have a dark/night mode on the writer’s portal so that people who code at night can be more comfortable and won’t strain their eyes. or even the people WHO CANT DEAL WITH BRIGHT SCREENS will be able to code in peace. now you may be thinking “Trinity why did you make this thread? is it because other people made one also?” yes and no, yes because I’ve seen other people make one like this and we have yet to get it, no because I also wanted to make one of my own since the other ones are dated back years…plus I’m tired of straining my eyes while coding now you may be thinking “Trinity if you’re straining your eyes why not just code during the day?” (yes I’m a mind reader :crazy_face: …anyways back to what I was saying) BECAUSE I can’t deal with bright screens during the day either, I have an HP Touchscreen Chromebook & I even have to turn on the “Night Shift” setting all the way to the highest one so that my eyes don’t hurt during school. now let me guess what you’re thinking again :thinking: OH! I’ve got it!! now you may be thinking “Trinity why don’t you try the experimental dark mode for Chromebooks?” yes I’ve tried the “experimental” dark mode for Chromebooks but that’s exactly what it is EXPERIMENTAL. it messes up the google slides words so that if the background is white and the words are black, you can’t see the words. it does that for almost any google slides I have and 1. I’m tired of changing the color of every slide I encounter & 2. most of the time it’s not even my slides, its my teacher’s & I have “view only” access. IT’S VERY ANNOYING..…IT DOES IT FOR WEBSITES TOO

anyways this is probably the first and last time ill be making a thread about this cus we probs won’t get it for another few years :upside_down_face:


I do support this :yay:

We can also support: FEATURE : Dark Mode (Forums & Writers Portal)

According to the feature request guidelines:

Duplicates aren’t allowed but After 24 hrs we can bump the thread of a feature request that already exists :smile: :heart: but your thread focuses on web previewer only so it might be fine because the one I linked deals with 2 things, 1 of them which has been implemented :thinking:

Yh most ppl code at night, I can understand the frustration, our poor eyes :eyes: :laughing: :crescent_moon:



ty for this!!

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Duplicate closed. Refer to FEATURE : Dark Mode (Writers Portal)