FEATURE: Delete button for Fanmail


As the title states, I think there should be a delete button within the Fanmail feature.

Lately, I have gotten some repeat fanmail from the same users (they probably mistakenly sent the same thing twice - no biggie), but it’s just sitting in my inbox, and I can’t do anything about it (obviously I could reply to it, but then I’d be answering the same exact thing twice, ya feel?).
I am the type of person that likes to have a clean 0 after I’ve gone through & answered fanmail, so it’s disrupting my slight OCD in that regard. :sweat_smile::crazy_face::grimacing:

Not sure if anyone else has the same issue!

And if someone has a solution to this, let me know! I don’t want to hit the “Block” button because it’s nothing bad and I wouldn’t want to block any readers. :crazy_face:

EDIT: I am [now] aware of the Block button’s features and that you can “delete” messages (that, in turn, will not actually block anyone). Still tho, just a simple “delete” button would be nice (maybe to replace the “underage” button?). :crazy_face:
Anyway, I’m glad there are a plethora of us that wouldn’t mind an actual “delete” button for the fanmail feature! :smile: Super cool.



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Pressing the block button doesn’t block readers unless you press “block sender” and the message disappears from your inbox :slight_smile:


Omg, thank you for letting me know, bb! I was too scared to actually press the “block” button (so my bad for not attempting to and just assuming) :rofl::crazy_face: Gonna clean out my inbox now :slight_smile: but like… we still want that clean-cut “Delete” button, ya feel? :joy::wink:

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I support this! :innocent:

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Like Atreus said. You can delete them, you just have to hit block and then block selected message. It will just delete the message but not block anyone.

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