FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


Nothing else to add here :joy:


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Hell yes!!! Agree! :unicorn::two_hearts::star2::sunflower:


I SUPPORT this AGAIN. :smiley:


This has been needed since the era of Classic. Support!


I totally SUPPORT! :smiley::smiley::wink:


Support, again :smiley: <3






SUPPORT! Some of us really need this feature, especially those of us who have stories of our cringy past where we were newbies to spot directing & zooms! :rofl:


yes yes yes yes!!


Yes! Support!


YASS!!! :raised_hands:


I genuinely want this!! I need to get rid of the stories I’m not going to write!


AGREE!!! :male_detective:


10000% agree!:heart:


SUPPORT! I agree 1000%.




MAJOR SUPPORT!!! :blush:


Hi @Apes! The title of this post currently doesn’t follow the guidelines for feature requests, please edit the title to ensure your suggestion thread isn’t closed or deleted. Thanks!


Is this better? :slight_smile: