FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


Support!!! I have so many stories, which I haven’t published and I want to delete them, but I can’t :frowning:


There is so many discontinued stories out there and it would be so helpful if they added a delete button. I don’t understand why they didn’t in the first place. I guess we just need to keep hoping…:crossed_fingers:


Yesssss because shrinking characters doesn’t always make them look like children… At least they are trying to improve the writing and reading experience…?


Yesss, we really need the delete button! Please add this feature!


I sooooo support this!!




If a author puts discontinued in the title episode should just delete the story!


Episode shouldn’t delete the story just because an author writes discontinued-not a good thing, in my opinion. Never know, an author might come back to it later.
The author should have the option to delete stories or un-publish them off Episode-that would be great. Then they could remove the stories they don’t want seen on the app anymore.

Check out:



I have multiple stories that I wrote when I was just starting writing, it would be nice to get rid of some of them :persevere:


support all the way 100% :100:


Maybe, not delete. Just remove from portal and make it un-searchable


I’ve seen this thread pop up over a hundred times over the past month and it’s still not a thing! Support


I so support!!!


I totally support, we most definitely need this


100% Support!


YES. PLEASE! I have my story that I hate and I want to delete it but i already published it! T-T


YASSS I support this 101% I need this!!!


This is way overdue!


PLEASE make a delete button. I am desperately in need of one.


I support this 100%!!! Or at least an unpublish button because there is no point of having a story on the app that someone discontinued and doesn’t write anymore or they just aren’t happy with it and want to start over. Ugh, I’ve been wanting this for the longest and I’m glad someone agrees with me because I felt like I was the only one desiring for this feature. :smiley: