FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


Bumb without question!


Yes, please add a delete button! A lot of people - including myself - could really do with it.




This must be done! pleaaaaaase, it’s so embarrasing having a story that you don’t want anymore in your profile.






I need this in my life… Count me in!




Support!!~ :gift_heart:


Episode, please do something about this!
I have a story I republished as a new story about a month ago, I put “deleted version” in the title, explained everything in the description, hid it from my profile and it is still getting reads :confused:
Like I don’t want to steal the rank from someone else…


There’s not really a solution. You can prevent people from reading it by doing

label back

Sorry! There’s a new version out. Please go read that one!

goto back


Thanks for the tip! Should I just keep copy-pasting this message in order to make it 400 lines?

This is kind of ridiculous, yesterday was not the first day when I got more reads on the “deleted” version than on the revised one. Just why…


just one time and maybe you can just out the first chapter of your story instead of spacing for 400 lines or pasting it for 400 lines


Still waiting for this amazing update! We need it :wink:


Please make this a thing!


I feel your pain-I have a deleted story-it says don’t read, there’s nothing there and it’s password locked, as well as the fanmail being off (plus it’s hidden from my profile). The cover even says “do NOT read” and the description clearly states there is NO story there. Yet, I had someone DM me, asking for the password. At first, I was confused, and thought they messaged the wrong person but after a little chat, they sent me a picture of my “don’t read” story saying they couldn’t access it. I was a bit upset as the answer of why they couldn’t access it is right in front of them, but I don’t wanna be rude, so I kindly told them that there is no story there, nothing in there. Despite how many don’t reads one has on a story, you bet the reads will increase, and even if you have a password lock or loop, you aren’t safe.

Anyway, this is the best feature Episode could introduce to us and this would make so many people happy-the app is awesome and I love it-seriously, having the delete button would be epic-fingers crossed it’s coming soon! :revolving_hearts:


Wow, I can’t believe someone even asked you for the password!
I also hope Episode will finally make this a thing, it just doesn’t feel right to get reads on a story we don’t like or don’t care about anymore, while some talented authors with amazing stories are supported only by a very few reads.


6 months later and we still neeeeeeed this


I would say years :smiley:


YAS pleeeeeeease!!! Support!! My OCD needs it!


I’ve come back to this thread like 20 times over now. This sounds like a really simple update tbh?