FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


you mean your perfectionism?


We need this :wink:


I swear there used to be one, but only if you don’t save the story in the first chapter.

We need this – I had to create a new gmail account because I had so many stories that needed to be deleted, and I hate the cluttered view of it on the portal & Creators Section.


@A.H.Belle ocd is a lot, lot more than just being neat


Hahaha yeah that too!! :sweat_smile:


Oh I know that, and I’m trying to overcome that and my perfectionist problems :grimacing:


Omg of course I support I have like 3 stories that are just hanging there


Wait. You guys don’t have a delete button?


You can delete your story only when you create it on the mobile and won’t make any changes on the portal


But… I made a LL story in the portal and I deleted it…


You can create an outfits and characters on the portal, but as soon you go into episode and make any changes delete button is not longer there




I absolutely agree!




We need this!!!


Yes, we need this option. I have like 5 stories I want permanently deleted


support all the way i have so many stories that i ended up not publishing/ disgarding and they need to go


I dunno if I have replied before, but I have the basics all planned out.

So, like, the red delete button doesn’t go away after you’ve created a chapter/saved that chapter. It’s just always there. When you click it, it should say one of two things-

"You can only delete stories on an account with a pin. Sorry about that :confused: "
"Are you sure you want to delete this story? [pin enter thingy]

Yeah, so, there also needs to be a feature to be able to pin-code your account. More security. With that, you can delete your stories. If you don’t have one, you need to make one. When you click the button, it should ask you to put in your pin code. Then, there should be an extra box somewhere that shows “Deleted Stories.” It’d be kind of like the trash in GMail- it automatically clears after 30 days. From there, you can delete the stories forever if you don’t want to wait for them to disappear.

Some people have been fretting about what’d happen if some unauthorized person deleted the stories. One, you should always have a story backup in Google Docs or Notepad. Two, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT? Most likely, you’re just an Episode author that isn’t even featured (sorry, but it’s true.). There’s no reason for them to delete your stories. As I said before, always have a backup.

Also also, some people ask why you make a story to delete it; if they don’t say it, then they think it. First, I sometimes write stories just to write stories. Second, yo, sometimes stories don’t always work out. And third, what about the example stories? I’d like just to remove them and throw them in the garbage bin.

Love? Love. Bye. I’m outtie.





OMG, YES! I have so many bad stories I want to get rid of.