FEATURE: Delete Button for Stories!


Support!! Honestly this is such a basic feature, I was so surprised to find that although Episode is constantly updated with lots of new feature this one has never been added! How?? :exploding_head:


100% support !!!




Please, Episode, let us un-publish stories off the app, please :confounded:


Please, let it be the delete button.
I’ve started a story and it absolutely disgusting


Yes, I don’t understand why this isn’t existing yet :exploding_head:


I know right ! :frowning:


yes please add this


Agree 20000%


I also support.I’m seriously in need of it.


I TOTALLY support!!


We need this :purple_heart:
100% support!




Still waiting for this :persevere:

As soon as this update takes place I’ll delete the stories I messed up on off the app :smile:

P.S If this update takes place, it’ll be the BEST update ever :sunglasses:

I might even celebrate with a cartwheel and I have no idea how to do one, but I’ll attempt it ^^


Not so small update: Episode recently contacted me that they noticed I had a story marked as “deleted” and they asked if I wanted them to remove it from the app. I was like :open_mouth: and when I confirmed they actually removed it!
I asked about details and they said they are now able to remove stories from the app and although they can’t delete them from the writer’s portal yet, they will announce once they have any update on this!
I’m not sure if any of you ever tried to submit a ticket for this, but now they confirmed we can :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my gosh, your story gave me hope :heart_eyes:


We all stan!!




Yes, I noticed that if you actually ask them they’re going to delete your story, but still, we should be able to do it. There are many more important things we have sometimes, and sending tickets would probably delay a response to other problems.

I hope we can do it by ourselves soon :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:


Yes I completely agree, but I was happy they started to “clean” the app and I’m just hoping that we are now one step closer to this.